Anne Chic Wear is curated for the woman who knows what she wants. Our goal is to make her online shopping experience easy by providing options that cater to her personal style needs because we know her time is valuable. We select beautiful, high quality pieces that are timeless, comfortable & effortless so she can plan her next outfit on a whim.

Meet Anne

Hi there! My name is Anne and I'm so happy you're here! I started Anne Chic Wear with the idea of making online shopping easier for women who already know what they're looking for. I developed a slight online shopping addiction in early 2022 and at the time I was looking for loose fitting clothes. I noticed the online shops I would visit, had way too many options and going through every single item was just a bit overwhelming. I was hoping I would find a shop that would separate loose fitting and form fitting clothes, but never found one. Since I've always had a deep desire to start my own business that I can be passionate about, I decided to offer those options myself and Anne Chic Wear was born.

I want to be able to provide not only loose vs form fitting options, but other style options to help make it easier for women to find the right pieces or outfit they're looking for. Not all of us have the time to go shopping, some of us just want to find that perfect piece of clothing without going through every single item. I'm also the type who's late to everything, so I love finding staple pieces I can easily put together for any occasion. That is why my goal for Anne Chic Wear is to find timeless, comfortable, and effortless styles that'll make it easy to put a cute outfit together.

• I have a twin sister who I run a youtube channel with called Twinnect.
• I have a female partner who is the best cook and baker, ask anyone! She's the reason I have a food baby.
• I am obsessed with my furbaby, his name is Ky. I literally treat him like my child.
• Guilty pleasures: Crash Landing On You, Keeping up with the Kardashians, MTV's The Challenge, Selling Sunset / OC, Vanderpump Rules, The Real Housewives

Why the name

I decided on the name Anne Chic Wear because, aside from my name, it's the name we called our grandma - Mommy Anne. I knew I wanted to honor her in some way. She always believed & supported in anything I wanted to pursue. I believe her constant support and encouragement, has always given me the courage to go outside my comfort zone. I truly believe she has guided me to where I am today.

Chic has always been my go to style (classic/elegant), at least when I need to be presentable. These days, the word "chic" has evolved to include a variety of styles. So I thought it would be fitting to include it in my boutique name because not only will Anne Chic Wear reflect my personal style, but offer an assortnent of timeless, comfortable & effortless pieces to add to your capsule wardrobe! Plus it's just such a cute word though, isn't it?